Customer Journey

Customer Journey – Not for Start-Ups!

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Summary: When you are about to launch your new product, you should have mapped your Customer Journey. If done well, you create positive interactions with your customers, which is ultimately your ticket to increase customer retention! (5 minutes read, audience: beginners to Customer Experience & Success) Have you ever been to New Zealand? If yes, […]

Customer Success

CS100 – Innovator of the Year Award

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Summary: Congratulations to Boaz for a great presentation about our idea of a new concept called Customer Maturity Index (CMI) at the CS100 conference – and for winning the Innovator of the Year Award with this topic! Wahoo!  (2 minutes read, audience: experts in Customer Success). The concept of CMI allows us to expand the understanding of retention […]

Customer Experience

The last time you got a WOW … ?

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Summary: We all experience customer service, we share with friends and family when we are delighted, and we tell probably the entire world when we get frustrated. This blog shares some experiences, good and bad of the last few weeks (3 minutes read, audience: anybody involved in Customer Services). Last week I attended a very ‘energy-rich’ […]