The following list outlines some of the questions we address during your CS Workshop. Moreover, it is an an excellent starting point for a self-assessment you can already run today.

Service Strategy

  • Have you defined targets for your service team, based on your company’s strategic goals?
  • Have you broken down company strategic goals into measurable operational activities?
  • Can every team member articulate your vision for Customer Success in their own words?

Customer Insights

  • Do you analyse your customer data to identify best customer fit?
  • Do you run a Health Score identifying star and at-risk customers?
  • Does a negative NPS feedback trigger an internal improvement process?

Customer Journey

  • What are your customer's delight moments during the customer journey?
  • Do you stay connected with your customer after sales by a ‘nurturing program’?
  • Do you measure the success and satisfaction of your onboarding program?


  • Are you forecasting revenue, net churn and the Life Time Value of your customers?
  • How does your Service Team identify up- and cross sell opportunities?
  • Have you segmented your customer base to reduce churn risks of your VIPs?

Growth & Expansion

  • Will your services scale with the future growth of our business without hiring more staff?
  • Have you rolled out a knowledge centre, supporting fast, on-demand self-help?
  • Does every team member understand responsibilities and accountabilities within the team?

We know this list could be endless. If you are unsure or want to know more, then get in touch with us!