Here are some examples of Customer Experience & Success projects we have completed in the past:

Design a Customer Journey. Goal: Improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.


Establish early warning signs. Goal: Win back ‘derailed’ customers before they are lost forever.

Improve processes between services and sales team. Goal: Transfer knowledge about the customer between teams.


Create customer playbooks. Goal: Improve service quality through repeatable and scalable activities.


Collect feedback from your customers. Goal: Understand customer’s moments of delight and frustration.

Set up a Customer Health Score. Goal: Provide customers with suitable services depending on their score.

Build customer segments. Goal: Offer different services for VIP, low and high touch customers.

Select the right Customer Success tool. Goal: Compare different tools and identify the most suitable solution.


Don’t “just rush” into execution mode: Replace your gut feeling by real customer data insights.
Remember: To identify Quick Wins you only need a good brainstorming session rather than an entire project !