Journey Mapping

Your kickstarter for success 

Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most powerful techniques to improve the interaction between your business and your customers: all related activities shall focus on creating value for your customers! By achieving a positive experience for your customers, your customers will not only stay loyal to your company, but more importantly they will recommend you to their business partners or leave their recommendations on Internet forums and Social Media!

We teach you how to fish: Create your first Customer Journey Map

Join our workshop: You will take the customer’s perspective and learn how to apply the concepts of Customer Journey Mapping to your own business.

You decide for which part of your business you’d like to create a Customer Journey Map, be it about a trial process for your product, an onboarding service for new users or your support process during an incident.

And you decide the pace and level of detail of your workshop session with us!

Your Workshop Agenda

  1. Understand How Customer Experience and Customer Success impacts your business performance
  2. Keep control Maintain your 10,000 feet view of all customer interactions
  3. Prioritise Determine which journey requires your urgent attention
  4. Focus Learn why a persona is the lifeblood of your Customer Experience
  5. Create Develop a Customer Journey Map for a customer interaction of your choice

What you will create

  • a Customer Lifecycle Map
  • a Customer Experience Heat Map
  • a persona profile
  • a Customer Journey Map

All content will be relevant to your business, you won’t be working on any generic examples!

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The impact on your business is massive: a great customer experience drives customer loyalty and your ability to retain your customers. Ultimately you realise realistic up- and cross-sell opportunities to grow your business!