“Improve CX” Workshop

Join our workshop on 7 August, to hear from other experts how they manage Customer Experience & Success. Decide what is relevant to your business and discuss with peers how to apply these findings to your business!

Where shall I get started and how to prioritise? Which tools are helpful? How do I scale my services? Do I need playbooks? Are QBRs important? Is CS a sales function? – Leave this workshop with an action plan for your team!

Register today – we look forward to welcoming you!

In this workshop, you will 

  • identify some of the common CX challenges companies are facing
  • hear from companies how they addressed their CX challenges
  • develop ideas on how to tackle CX challenges specific to your company

Target audience
From newcomers to experts of Customer Success, start-up to enterprise, SaaS software to retail, B2B to B2C teamS

Date, Location, Charges Wed 7 Aug, 07.30 – 10.00 am, Datacom, 58 Gaunt Str, free of charge


Ben D. from Datacom and Ralf W. from CS-Inspire were discussing which advise and tips they could provide to improve Customer Experience (CX).

They soon realised that improving CX is dependent on, what they call, the maturity of the business. They thought:

  • Customer Experience is about the interactions between a company and its customers throughout their relationship.
  • We acknowledge that excellent customer experience has a significant positive impact on business performance like brand reputation, customer retention and referrals.
  • However, the way how businesses improve their Customer Experience appears to vary significantly across companies. Is every business reinventing the wheel?
  • On closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that all businesses experience common challenges arising at similar stages in their business growth.

Ben and Ralf suspected: Our CX initiatives should be based on our current business growth stage.
Consequence: You can learn from other businesses being in the same growth stage as you are. And prepare your team for the “next level of CX activities”!

PS: We asked previous workshop attendees for their input and they asked us to proceed with this idea. And here we are!

Register today – we look forward to welcoming you!