CS in Action

In 2019 we launched our CustomerSuccess-in-Action Workshop series: You will learn about important insights of Customer Success and how to apply related techniques relevant to your business!

We are very excited that Datacom is supporting and participating in this event series!

Apply Customer Success Techniques relevant to your business

The concept of Customer Success is changing the way rapidly how we are interacting, communicating and managing our customers.

Although already successfully utilised by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, it is still an evolving methodology.

  • Is your business grappling with the practicalities of ensuring customers are at the heart of your business model?
  • Do you want to instil loyalty and how to capitalise on Customer retention?
  • Do you understand how to utilise Customer Feedback to improve customer experience?


If yes, then join our workshop events!

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We love the collaboration – Learn from other professionals – Share your experience!

WIIFM - What's in it for me?

In different workshops, you will learn about the methodology, tools and required processes to launch your Customer Success initiatives successfully.

Whether you are looking for practical tools that will enable you to drive Customer Success, embed cultural change in your organisation, or have some great stories to share that will help your business to become more competitive – we will cover it all!

Topics Covered (examples)

  • Explore Customer Journey Mapping
  • Identify optimal feedback for business growth
  • Change your Customer Success model as you grow
  • Discuss Customer Success tools
  • Build your Customer Success team


  • Any industry or vertical, B2B or B2C
  • Both, beginners and professionals in Customer Success
  • From start-up to enterprise, SMB to corporate


Customer Success in Action is run in association with Datacom and CS-Inspire. Since Customer Success is an emerging philosophy within New Zealand’s professional landscape, both partners are dedicated to starting the conversation about Customer Success. The workshop format provides an excellent environment for you to apply Customer Success techniques to your business and learn from the experience of other participants!

We are always happy to get support – are you our new Batman/Batwoman?