CS Workshop

Understand what needs to be done!

This service package helps you to build a strategy for your Customer Service. The objective is to develop a roadmap outlining recommended projects. Don’t forget: Invite your team and partners to get their thoughts and ideas about the roadmap. Find some examples for projects here.

We run a CS workshop

We transfer your vision into a Customer Success strategy, feeding into a roadmap. This roadmap is your foundation for a successful execution ensuring you stay focused.

Our findings are summarised in a one-page strategic plan. A roadmap of your most essential and urgent service initiatives will be added too.

Usually 2-3 half-day workshops, plus preparation and a follow-up after the last workshop.

Your Customer Workshop Agenda

  1. Run Self-Assessment Capture the perspective of your team about the maturity of your “Customer Success DNA”
  2. Analysis We review and assess the results of the self-assessment
  3. Diagnostic Workshop We discuss our assessment results with your management team
  4. Action Plan  We support your team to define and prioritise recommended Customer Success initiatives
  5. Roadmap We develop with your team a Customer Success roadmap (timeline, effort, skills, accountabilities)

What you will do

  • Run a self-assessment
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses of your current CS organisation
  • Define an action plan
  • Develop a Customer Success Improvement Roadmap

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This workshop helps you to understand the direction your business should take. Moreover, you establish s.m.a.r.t. objectives for your team. Without this strategic compass you will miss your opportunity to establish a proactive, engaging and value-focused Customer Success program!