Train & Mentor

Learn from the best – why reinvent the wheel?

The framework for Customer Experience & Success provides tested and robust processes, templates and tools. Why then reinvent the wheel? Transfer external knowledge and experience into your team without interrupting your day to day operation.

We coach and train along the execution

We coach individuals of your team during the implementation of the roadmap tasks. We want to make sure that comments like ‘I am too busy to work on this” aren’t getting in the way of our project.

Additionally, we offer training sessions for your entire team for selected Customer Experience & Success topics.

The duration of coaching is usually 3-6 months. Training sessions are about 4 hours long.

Whenever your team gets stuck, we’re here to help. We know that questions do come up as you work on your project tasks. A fast resolution to any issue or problem is critical, so we are always available for a short ad-hoc meeting, a quick phone call or an online chat; it’s your choice.